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Hot offer

Would you like to buy a real estate in Istanbul or other cities of Turkey?

   You are at the right place!

   Our company REAL EAST will provide you with a complete list of services and you will realize the difference of between the real estate prices we offer and the other companies’ prices, which you can come across surfing the Internet.

   You can rely upon us in choosing the right real estate object and registering it in Turkey. We provide a wide range of real estate residencies, houses, lands and commercial real estate. Be sure that the package of our services and our price policy are competitive, you can check that by comparing the prices.

    Would you like to ensure yourself of overpayment and being a victim of cheating? Come to REAL EAST.

          With our help, you can choose, buy and register any real estate object in the Republic of Turkey territory. Only we have the widest range to choose from houses, lands, and commercial real estate. Be sure that our services package and price policy are the most competitive in the market, you can check it by comparing the prices.Would you like to be safe with advance payment and deceiving? In REAL EAST you are at the right place.

Experience andreliability

Best prices and discounts

Legal accompany

Wide Range  to choose from  

Feedback of our clients* *All feedback is done by real users. You can visit the profile pages following the link below.
Аватар La Idris30.09.2015 в 19:03 Отзыв №22
Для всех тех кто хочет приобрести недвижимость в Турции, советую обратиться в риелторскую компанию Real East.
Команда компании, которая состоит из добропорядочных и ответственных мусульман, работает в интересах клиента.
Компания имеет налаженный механизм работы,от ознакомительной экскурсии по местности ,подборки подходящих вариантов, сопровождения сделки до получения Тапу.
Хочется поблагодарить всех с которыми довелось сотрудничать, а именно Исламa, Фаридa и Замирa,за оказанную мне помощь в покупке (Да воздаст вам Аллах!), а также пожелать вам успехов в дальнейшей работе и процветания!

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By your buying real estate in Istanbul or other Turkish cities you through Real East Company, you will avoid yourself solving routine issues like:

  • We’ll transfer from the airport to the hotel;
  • Managing your staying in a rented apartment or in a hotel room;
  • Showing you within three days real estate items according to your favorite prices and location, considering all your desires. We’ll be your guide who explain to you all the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen purchase;
  • We will provide you the full-value food during the period of showing;
  • thoroughly checking legal status of the real estate item you choose in the state authorities;
  • Registering the transaction legally;
  • Transfer you from the hotel or the place of your residence to the airport.


We propose to you watching all kinds of real estate in Turkey:

  • Objects of the first hand market;
  • Objects of the second hand market;
  • Commercial real estate objects;
  • Lands assigned for agricultural purposes and for constructive purposes.

Why our offer is so profitable?

  • We pay the costs of transfer, residence, food and staying withn three days for our customers, who want to buy a real estate in Istanbul.
  • We accomplish legally and free of charge, through a contract, which help you to complete the purchase for no money.
  • We take the complete responsibility for those real estate items, which we sell.


Who doesn't know how it is difficult to be well oriented in such a big city like Istanbul?

It is not so easy to buy real estate in Turkey. Looking for a hotel, dealing with taxi drivers, making a bad decision while choosing a good realtor, the risk of overpayment, being cheated, deceived, the risk of buying a real estate that take a burden of legal issues or epothical responsibilities… - all these unpleasant things can disappoint the most optimistic person.

Why it is safe and comfortable to buy real estate via our company:

  • The most valuable thing we can offer is the long term experience in the real estate market;
  • Collaboration with constructing companies allow us to offer to our clients a wide range of real estate items from the first hand and second hand markets and also commercial real estate and lands;
  • The prices of our real estate objects we offer will astonish you; 
  • Our work principals are: honesty, transparency, which can witness the large number of our company’s clients;
  • We participate in the negotiation of our clients with real estate sellers, help them to gain maximum discounts and the best conditions;
  • Each object we offer pass a ling process of checking whether or not it has credits or a burden in state authorities;
  • Due to the desire of the client we offer a high speed regime of accomplishing the transaction, as in some cases when buying a real estate by foreigners it can be delayed for several months;
  • We offer our clients only transactions of 99,9% profitability;
  • We offer our clients management services for the purchased real estate (rent, repairing, furnishing, preparing to the moment of moving);
  • We accompany the process purchasing with registering a residence permit and with solving all the issues connected with moving to the new residence;
  • If you need to sell your real estate in Turkey you can willingly contact us at our email: [email protected]


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